High School Literature & Composition

High School Literature and Composition guides students through a process of thoughtful reading and persuasive essay writing to prepare for advanced high school level classes.

Students hone their composition skills through weekly writing exercises. These skills will be put to use in the major writing assignments: two persuasive essays and one research project. For students who have learned the basic elements of the persuasive essay and are competent in grammar, this course focuses more in-depth on logical argument: how to write a compelling and arguable thesis, and how to arrange and argue it in a clear, logical manner. Students learn to effectively define their terms and refute counter-arguments. The research project, which walks students through each part of the research process, will include an in-class presentation on an author whose work is read in class. Each semester will end with a short exam.

We read, discuss, and thoroughly enjoy 5 novels from the 19th and 20th centuries, plus several short stories, essays, and poems. Students practice good reading and discussion skills as they learn to annotate, ask good questions, track character growth and development, and analyze literary devices within excellent books. We will follow some of the most compelling heroes and heroines through their exciting adventures.

Students who have not yet taken Introduction to Literature & Composition are encouraged to take that course first, before attempting the work in High School Literature & Composition. Other students can apply for admission to the course by submitting a persuasive writing sample for approval to the instructor.

Registration in Grammar for Middle and High School is recommended for students who are prepared for the literature and writing involved in the course but would like extra instruction in English grammar.

"To say that I have been pleased with the benefits of the CLRC's Intermediate Literature and Composition class is a sore understatement. I have found the class to be challenging and engaging for my daughter, pushing her to a limit that is just beyond that she would reach for on her own. In short, it is perfect. This is our first experience with CLRC, and it has been simply outstanding!"
Melissa W., California