High School Spanish 1 - Honors

Grades 9-12+1High school students may be awarded 1 Language credit upon completion of this course.

¡Bienvendos a High School Spanish! Welcome to High School Spanish! This course begins with the basic grammatical and lexical elements necessary for effective communication in both written and spoken Spanish. Upon completing the course students are able to conjugate verbs in the present and past tense, read and write simple paragraphs, and use idiomatic expressions and vocabulary to talk about their daily lives. Material is covered at a faster pace than in Spanish I, with longer vocabulary lists, additional grammar concepts, and more frequent writing assignments.

Interactive classwork and homework assignments develop students’ four linguistic abilities in Spanish: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Honors Spanish 1 focuses on building students’ reading and writing abilities and allows them to apply their new vocabulary and grammar within a meaningful context. In-class readings and written paragraph assignments reinforce the concepts studied in class. Students are also introduced to the variety of cultures and traditions represented in the Spanish-speaking world through readings and brief videos.

The course includes 30 hours of live, online instruction per semester. Each week, students are responsible for consistent, daily review of vocabulary as well as twice-weekly homework assignments.

Students are encouraged to take the National Spanish Exam and are provided with practice questions and support to prepare for the exam.

Students with no previous Spanish experience have excelled in this class if they have a strong foundation in English and/or Latin grammar and vocabulary. Students with previous exposure to Spanish in middle school are also welcome.

  • "Thank you so so much for teaching Spanish 1 this year! It's been an amazing class and I'm so happy with the results. I've learned more than I ever thought I would! Thank you for ALWAYS being first to answer my questions.  Being in class has been SUCH a joy! I love having you as a teacher and I'm so lucky to have you as my first Spanish professor! Thank you so so much! ¡Estar en clase es maravilloso!"
    - Riley R., North Carolina

  • "I wanted to express how thankful I am for your teaching!  Your class is by far, my daughter's favorite class !  She looks forward to it and expresses such satisfaction with the style of learning and class interactions you offer.  For a girl who doesn't show emotion very easily, I am so grateful to see her SMILE all day after class and share in detail how much she enjoys class. Thank you for this gift you are giving her."
    - Jill B, California

  • Mrs. Kerrigan has done an outstanding job teaching this past year; we are grateful she is part of the CLRC teaching team!"
    -Sheryl W., Iowa