High School Spanish 2

Grades 9-12+1High school students may be awarded 1 Language credit upon completion of this course.

¡Sigamos aprendiendo! Let's continue learning! Welcome to High School Spanish 2 course! This course is designed to further develop your skills in the Spanish language, focusing on expanding your vocabulary, improving your oral and written communication skills, and strengthening your listening and reading comprehension. Also, we will learn deeper grammar topics such as the different conjugations in present for irregular verbs, different idiomatic phrases, direct and indirect object, etc.

Throughout the course, we will explore a variety of topics and everyday situations to expand your vocabulary in Spanish. You will learn new words, idiomatic expressions, and specific terms related to various contexts.

We will read an authentic text in Spanish and analyze it to understand its meaning, identify specific information, and reflect on its content.

This course is designed for students who have successfully completed Spanish 1 or have an equivalent level of proficiency in the Spanish language. Students are expected to have a basic knowledge of Spanish grammar and be able to communicate in everyday situations.

I am excited to embark on this Spanish learning journey together! Let's explore the wonderful world of the Spanish language together!

The course includes 30 hours of live, online instruction per semester.

Taking Conversational Spanish as a supplement to this class is highly recommended for practice with pronunciation and conversation.

High school students may be awarded 1 Language credit upon completion of this course.

Prerequisites: High School Spanish 1

"I really want to thank you for providing such an excellent class!  I am so grateful that CLRC was recommended to us, and especially grateful to you for making learning a language accessible and enjoyable!  I would not have believed that my son could enjoy learning a language so much and make decent progress at the same time. Seriously, thank you!"
- Mary B, California