High School Spanish III

his course builds on the concepts learned in High School Spanish I and II by focusing on comprehension and composition. It is designed for High School students who have completed a basic overview of Spanish Grammar and are ready to focus on building vocabulary, practicing reading and oral comprehension, improving written and spoken communication, and studying the literature and cultures of various Spanish speaking countries.

Each week students will be asked to study extensive vocabulary lists, review grammar concepts through exercises and written assignments, read and discuss abridged versions of classic Spanish literature, give oral presentations, and watch a Spanish television episode. The writing assignments will consist of weekly comprehension questions and brief television episode summaries with several short (1-4 page) creative and analytical papers reflecting on our readings.

Taking High School Conversational Spanish - Cultura y Conversación as a supplement to this class is highly recommended for practice with pronunciation and conversation.

Students may be able to take Spanish III as an honors course if the material and course objectives comply with their state's particular requirements. Students who are interested in the ‘Honors’ designation should inform the instructor at the beginning of the course. Some additional assignments will be required. The decision to record the course grade as honors will be made at the end of the course, taking into consideration both the students' performance and state requirements.

The class includes 30 hours of live, online instruction per semester.

"Señora Kerrigan is a creative and caring instructor who brings a thoughtful approach to the study of Spanish. She strives to keep the course work both engaging and challenging. This Spanish course offers a wide range of assignments and activities that promote and deepen written language comprehension and develop increasing spoken and aural fluency. Our child improved significantly through this course of study,  and I credit Sra. Kerrigan's multifaceted course design and her skills as a Spanish language teacher."
Alexis S., PA