High School Spanish IV

his course is designed for fourth year students who have the vocabulary and grammar skills to begin reading Spanish literature and listening to media produced by Spanish speakers. Students must be willing to try to speak in Spanish for the majority of the class as we discuss the material.

Each week, there will be a reading, listening, and speaking component. All students will study the same short story or chapter from a novel and discuss it together in class. The listening and presenting component will allow students to pursue their own interests and build vocabulary in areas that are most important to them. Students may choose podcasts or videos that teacher approves (a list of recommendations will be provided). Each week, students will log one hour of listening time, and they will present a summary of the podcasts and videos with their classmates during class time.

Taking High School Conversational Spanish - Cultura y Conversación as a supplement to this class is highly recommended for practice with pronunciation and conversation.