Honors Course Policy

What is an Honors Course?
An “Honors Course” covers more material and/or treats material more deeply than the average class in the same subject at the same grade level. In an “Honors Course,” evaluation of students’ work is more thorough and rigorous than in a standard course. A particular high school class may be designated an “Honors Course,” or a standard course may offer an “Honors Option.”

What are the benefits of CLRC Honors courses?
Honors courses…

  • Offer students opportunities to challenge themselves and to pursue academic areas of interest.
  • Help prepare students for AP and college level classes
  • Strengthen college and scholarship applications in demonstrating a student’s academic interest and ability
  • Improve a student’s GPA by adding .5 weight in the grade point calculation for the class

To receive CLRC Honors credit, students must meet the following requirements:

  •  Maintain an average grade of B or higher in the Honors course
  •  Submit assignments on time
  •  Come to each class prepared for discussion and active participation
  •  Meet the expectations of the particular Honors course: Complete additional assignments, consult additional sources for information, and/or investigate topics and material more deeply, as determined by the particular course and instructor

Which CLRC classes are available as honors?
CLRC classes fall into three categories:

  1. Honors
  2. Honors Option
  3. Standard (non-Honors)

To see the complete list of CLRC Honors courses, go to the CLRC Course Catalog and select
'Honors' in the 'Filter by Course Type' drop-down.