Special Topic: The Intersection of Science and the Humanities

During the 20th century, the tension between the culture of the sciences and humanities increased. With shifts in the cultural and intellectual landscape of the Western world, the intersection of the sciences and humanities became undeniable. In our five weeks together we will read two books that look at the context of the debate and some of the concerns as expressed through fiction.


  • Prerequisites: None
    Instructor:  Chris Butynskyi, Ph.D.
    Grade Level: 9 – 12
    Minimum Enrollment Required:
    Maximum Class Size: 10
    Tuition: $90

    Class Meets: Wednesdays, 10:00 – 11:30 AM Pacific, for 5 weeks, June 2 – 30


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  • The Two Cultures

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  • That Hideous Strength

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Chris Butynskyi, Ph.D.

Chris Butynskyi is professor of European history with over ten years of experience teaching in higher education. He holds an M.A. in Early Modern Europe from the University of Maryland, Baltimore Country (UMBC) and a Ph.D. in Humanities from Faulkner University’s Great Books Honors College. Professor Butynskyi recently published his first book entitled The Inklings, the Victorians, and the Moderns: Reconciling Tradition in the Modern Age (FDUP, 2020). He contributes to academic journals, web-articles, book reviews, and podcasts. When he is not reading, writing, or watching sports, you can find him coaching or playing basketball, biking, and running. He currently resides in Macungie, PA with his wife and two children.