Intro to Acting Technique

his course was designed to shape confident and authentic actors!

The first few weeks of class students will learn how to tell a physical story, and how to identify and replicate emotions. They will study different vocal and movement techniques that will break down acting into its simplest form.

Once they’ve explored body language, students will move forward into acting terminology, scene study, character development, dialogue, blocking, memorization and performance. Students will need to be able to submit video recordings of their monologue performances to participate in this class. Students will be studying scenes from The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up (J.M. Barrie), The Importance of Being Earnest (Oscar Wilde), and Much Ado About Nothing (Shakespeare) — digital copies of these scenes will be provided by the instructor upon enrollment, however, students are encouraged to purchase their own copies for contextual research.

Class Objectives:

  1. Develop vocal and physical performance technique
  2. Explore acting methods/approaches (i.e., stage vs. screen, method vs. classical)
  3. Create a character, research a scene
  4. Break down a script into objectives and actions (blocking)
  5. Perform for family and friends!