Introduction to Logic 8th-10th Grade

In the fall semester we will examine types of inductive argument and learn to recognize the major informal fallacies (such as “red herring” and ad hominem), using the textbook Think With Socrates (Paul Herrick). We will then study the logic of science and the nature of moral reasoning, reading two more chapters from Herrick.

In the spring semester we will strengthen our deductive reasoning skills through studying the basics of traditional categorical logic (Aristotle’s theory of the syllogism). Time permitting, we will further hone our skills by critiquing some of Socrates’ arguments in the dialogues of Plato.

Students may register for the full year course or for either semester as a stand-alone class.

Although we do not use algebra in this course, deductive logic in the second semester will require similar skills to those used in 8th Grade Algebra.