Introduction to the Middle Ages

his course is an introduction to the Middle Ages and comprises a study both of the “synthesis” of cultures that gave rise to the medieval West, as well as the various cultures, religions, and political regimes that interacted during this time.

Geographically it is focused on the broader Mediterranean world, chronologically from the 4th century AD to the 15th century AD.  Students will be grounded in basic geographic and chronological knowledge as well as learning the narratives of significant persons and events.

The course will not be limited to “political” history, but will include sections on art, music, commerce, and other cultural elements of the time and places.  Moreover, students will have the opportunity to read and respond to several shorter primary source documents to learn how people of the time described themselves, their peers, and their motivating ideas.  Students will have regular short quizzes, two more comprehensive tests, and two short papers.