Introduction to the Middle Ages

Grades 6-8

Knights and ladies. Kings and castles. Bishops and barons. War and honor. This Introduction to the Middle Ages will explore these elements (and more) within the wider framework of what made up the medieval West, medieval "Christendom," and the various cultures, religions, political orders, and people groups that interacted between ~400 and ~1500 AD.

This course primarily focuses on medieval Europe, but will also look at the broader Mediterranean world. Students will be grounded in the basic historical, geographical, and chronological contexts, as well as learning the stories of significant persons and narratives of key events.

This course is not merely a study of medieval "political" history, but will include exploration of art, architecture, literature, commerce, and other aspects of cultures of particular times and places. Moreover, students will have the opportunity to read from a few primary sources to learn how people described their own age.

The course includes regular reading quizzes, one short paper, a student presentation, and two exams.

Prerequisites: Introduction to the Ancient World is preferred, but not required

Mr. Carter Introduces The Greatest Knight