High School Japanese I

his class is an introduction to Japanese grammar, vocabulary and writings systems (there are three), for beginning and intermediate students.

"I tried learning Japanese on my own, and really didn't get anywhere. I was confused and lost in what to study, and how to go about doing so. Then I found this class. Since then I have been able to go from nothing to being able to have full conversations only in Japanese! The assignments were fun, I always enjoyed myself, and overall it is a really great class! I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Japanese. Dr. Godwin is a really great teacher, gears the class toward the specific students who are there, and his classes are really fun. I would say this was probably my favorite class of all time, and I will be in his class this year too, I would really recommend giving it a try if you are trying to learn Japanese!"
-Seth D., North Carolina