Fall 2020 Registration for this Course Opens on February 27.

Language Arts 2

Grades 5-6


hrough historical fiction, students in Language Arts 2 learn the stories of 17th-19th century America—narratives about Native Americans, European immigrants, indentured and enslaved peoples. Students continue to learn the art of writing structured paragraphs, building on the skills they have already acquired, using stories they read and discuss in class as starting points for a variety of writing tasks. They continue their study of English grammar by studying the properties of the parts of speech and parts of the English sentence.

Language Arts 2 guides upper elementary and middle school students in mastering the habits of attentive reading and clear writing. Building on the foundation developed in Language Arts 1, students continue to learn and apply the rules for excellent grammar. Assignments include grammar exercises, quizzes, games, and creative writing.  Students read several chapters from a novel each week.

Dependent upon the needs and home-schooling style of each family, Language Arts 2 can be taken as a graded or not-graded class.  With either option, the teacher provides corrections and comments on both grammar and writing assignments.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Language Arts 1 or permission of instructor.

Fall 2020 Registration for this Course Opens on February 27.

Language Arts 2, Section A

Mr. Winslow understands Language Arts as a subject in which the study of grammar, literature, and composition overlap as a seamless whole, so students in this section are required to integrate their knowledge and skills in these three areas in the same course of study.

Section A meets once per week, with the first hour devoted to instruction in grammar and the second hour focused on discussion of literature and writing.  

Note: Cameras must be kept on throughout the whole class period, and students must attend class in a quiet room free of background noise and other distractions.

Ashton Winslow, M.A.

Language Arts 2, Section B

Vibrant class discussions serve as the starting point before diving into persuasive writing. Throughout the year, the instructor gives careful, individual feedback and edits on each student's work. This ensures that students are continually developing and improving their writing.

In the literature and writing portion of the class, students master structured persuasive paragraphs based on the literature discussions in class. Students learn how to write a clear thesis, to transition between main points with supporting details, and to establish a strong conclusion. Students handwrite the first drafts of their writing assignments and edit and type their final drafts with detailed feedback from the instructor. In addition, students have the opportunity to respond creatively to scenes from the readings and share these on a class discussion board. They also take weekly multiple-choice reading comprehension quizzes and memorize a poem.

Dr. Baumert and Mrs. Sullivan team teach this class. Mrs. Sullivan guides students through the literature and writing portion of the class. Dr. Baumert provides the grammar instruction.

For the Grammar portion of the class with Dr. Baumert, students gain mastery of the Four-Part Sentence Analysis. This powerful and engaging tool helps students identify parts of speech, consider how each word relates to the others in the sentence, and thus deepen their understanding of the sentence as a whole. Students also complete weekly exercises from Voyages in English using the workbook which may be purchased here.

Although we strongly recommend that students take the full Language Arts 2 course—Literature/Writing and Grammar—the Section B instructors, Dr. Susan Baumert and Mrs. Pamela Sullivan, allow students to enroll separately in either Grammar alone (Intermediate Grammar) or Literature/Writing alone (LA3 Literature and Writing).

Susan Baumert, Ph.D.

  • "Thank you for the specific feedback. We really appreciate your care and instruction for our daughter. It’s very rewarding for her to feel like she’s succeeding. Your feedback is so valuable and constructive, and she takes it to heart in a great way."
    -  Jill B., California

  • "This class has been wonderful for my son! Your approach to writing has been just what he needed to get started. I also appreciate the time you put into giving feedback. The book choices are great and he is enjoying the discussions."
    - Lisa S., Ohio

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