Language Arts IV

he quest…to slay a dragon and retrieve treasure, to find a new country and home, to explore unknown territory, to survive the grimmest possible conditions. Students in LA 4 will journey with courageous individuals on quests of profound importance, experiencing and exploring the drive in the human spirit to face the unknown, to prove their worth in the face of danger, and to risk death in order to accomplish something remarkable —quests to correct injustice; to overcome greed and selfishness; to find joy; to face, fight, and conquer evil; to achieve glory and honor; to live and sustain hope against the greatest odds.

Come, embark with us on a Quest!

Language Arts 4 students will learn or continue to learn…

  • How to read well by engaging with the text—annotating and writing down observations and questions.
  • How to discuss constructively by asking questions, articulating opinions and backing them up with evidence from the text, and responding to other students thoughtfully and courteously.
  • How to write effectively by imitating master writers and through exercises in creative writing

Language Arts 4 is designed both as a continuation of Language Arts 3 and as an entry level course for 7th and 8th grade students who would like more practice in careful reading and guided discussion and would like to explore creative writing before beginning CLRC’s Introduction to Literature and Composition.