Latin 4 'Add-on' - Responde Latine!

This 'add-on' class is taught by Michael Kopf, M.A. and features practical exercises in spoken Latin based on the passages read in Latin 4. The class meets 45 minutes once per week with no homework. These short weekly sessions reinforce basic vocabulary and syntax while deepening and enriching students' encounter with the texts read in Latin 4. Class size is kept small - with a minimum of 3 and maximum of 8 students to ensure the opportunity for everyone to participate.


  • Prerequisites: Current enrollment in CLRC Latin 4, 5, or 6.
    Instructor:  Michael Kopf, M.A.
    Grade Level:  9th - Adult 
    Age Level:  14 - Adult 
    Minimum Enrollment: 3 
    Maximum Enrollment: 8 
    Tuition per Semester:  $97.50

    Class Meets: Thursdays, 10:45 - 11:30 AM Pacific
    Class Duration: 10 weeks, January 27th to April 7th

Fall 2020 Registration for this Course Opens on February 27.

Spring Registration is Open

(If you would like to enroll in this class but cannot attend at the posted time, please contact us.  We may be able to open an additional section.)

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Michael Kopf, M.A.

Michael Kopf received his MA in Ancient Philology in 2015 from the Polis Institute in Jerusalem after completing undergraduate studies in Classics at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and at the University of Vienna. He has working knowledge of 9 languages, and has been teaching Classical Greek and Latin for the last 5 years. He has taught classical languages to middle- and high-school students and graduate students, both through immersion and in more conventional settings, in Rome, Vienna and Jerusalem, and has also taught teacher training courses in Rome and Jerusalem. 

He enjoys rediscovering the ancient world and its reception, especially the history of classical education, grammar and linguistics. He recently settled in rural Austria with his wife and is eager to continue sharing his enthusiasm for antiquity and language learning through online teaching. In this way, he hopes to contribute towards making classical studies more accessible.



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