Latin Resources

There are many interesting and useful online resources available to Latin students. They include:

Oxford Latin Course Online Drills: Online drills to review a wide variety of grammatical concepts.

Online Latin Grammer Drills

Forum Romanum: Newscasts from the ancient world, performed by contributors to the National Latin Exam provide great information on Roman History and Geography presented in an entertaining fashion entirely in Latin.  Full scripts of the new cast are available here as well.

The Latin Library:  A wide variety of Latin texts all available for free.  This site also provides links to a wide variety of other interesting Latin journals, grammatical aids, and resources.

  An online Greek and Latin dictionary from the University of Chicago.

Perseus Project:  Latin Texts, Translations, Commentaries, Grammars and more – another great and completely free resource.

Latin Per Diem:
  Designed to be used daily, each lesson is less than 5 minutes, walking through authors like Caesar, Cicero, Livy, Vergil, and more.

The National Latin Exam: The National Latin Exam is a fun annual exam offered by the American Classical League.  About 150,000 students participate each year from all 50 states and more than 10 foreign countries. It’s great practice for your Latin, there are prizes to be won, and it looks good on college applications too!

Sphinx Verb Paradigm Drill Site:  Practice drills on many regular and irregular Latin verbs.

Latin Library Declension Exerciser: