About CLRC Literature and Composition Classes

CLRC Literature and Composition classes guide students through some of the world’s greatest literature. Students receive regular writing assignments that grow in length from one to many paragraphs. These assignments increase in complexity from simple plot narrations and character sketches to examinations of theme, structure, and symbolism. Students receive extensive comments on their work as they move through the writing process. CLRC Literature and Composition classes train students in descriptive, expository, persuasive, comparative, and research essay writing. All papers are written in MLA format. Students learn to observe plot structure, to track character development, and to identify and utilize many important literary devices. Class discussions–an important part of the Literature and Composition program–consider not only the over-arching themes of the literary work, but also the significance of these ideas in our everyday lives.

“Your literature and grammar classes have been a life saver for our homeschooling.”
 — Christine D., Washington

Ten Distinctives of CLRC’s Literature & Composition Program

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