Medieval Times

Grades 1-4

Christian Studies


Everything You Need to Homeschool with Confidence

In this course, 25-year veteran homeschool mother Esther Phillips teams up with the CLRC to share her decades of homeschooling experience with parents of elementary school children. Drawing heavily on the educational philosophy of Charlotte Mason, this complete and flexible homeschool package can be tailored to each family’s unique circumstances. Families receive guidance and resources in all areas of their own Home School.

For those families with children between the ages of 6-13, reduce your work by having all your children study the same period in history; read the same Bible stories; cover the same geography work; enjoy the same artist, poet and composer; read the same Shakespeare play.
Esther will also hold parent meetings to discuss homeschool strategies and provide guidance and support to the families in the program and be available for individual consultation as well.
Please Note:
  • Available for grades 1-8 as a family program.
  • The Complete Integrated Homeschool Program does not have an early registration discount, instead offering its own unique multiple child discount.
  • This course is not eligible for Charter School funding.

"I have had the privilege to work with Esther Phillips in a classroom setting for the past five years.  Her integrated curriculum and teaching style have blessed my family in many ways.  The children have developed a love for learning, and I have developed the confidence to homeschool my children.  Esther includes multiple subjects woven together, which enables the children to make connections to the material on their own. Numerous resources and support are offered, which creates an environment that allows parents to be assured they are giving their children the highest quality education. She is a gifted teacher who inspires others to enjoy the journey of homeschooling."
Tiffani G., Idaho

Registration -- Multiple Child Discount

The family-based price structure for this class is:

First child: $390 per semester
Second child: $250 per semester (Use code MULTI2 at checkout)
Any additional child: $200 per semester (Use code MULTI3 at checkout)

The following courses are available as add-ons at a 10% discount:

•  Upper Elementary Greek I (Ages 9-12)
•  Upper Elementary Latin I (Ages 8-12)
•  Monart and Markers (Ages 6 - 10)

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Prerequisites: None
Instructor:  Esther Phillips, Integrated Homeschool Program Coordinator 
contact email:
Age Level: 6 - 10 years
Minimum Enrollment: 5 families

Maximum Enrollment: 12 families
Tuition per Semester: See pricing information above. 

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