Middle School Russian 2

Grades 6-9

Middle School Russian 2 is the continuation of Middle School Russian 1 and is intended for middle school students with some previous background in Russian. The course continues to develop skills in functional, communicative Russian and Russian culture as students increase their ability to speak, understand, read, and write the Russian language.

Middle school Russian allows students to complete the equivalent of High School Russian 1 over the course of two years (Middle School Russian 1 & 2). Stress is placed on pronunciation, communication, and basic grammar.

Students learn to communicate basic information and make short class presentations on topics such as family, friends, and everyday life. Later in the course students read simple paragraphs in Russian followed by presentations about Russian life and culture.

Grammatical topics include questions, pronouns, gender endings and declensions in both nouns and adjectives (including the nominative, genitive. prepositional, and accusative cases), and conjugation of verbs in present, past and future tenses..

Prerequisites: Middle School Russian 1