Middle School Spanish 1

¡Bienvenidos a Middle School! Welcome to Middle School! The first year of Middle School Spanish is a fun introduction to the serious study of language and focuses on basic grammar, covering regular and irregular verb conjugation in present, past and future. Students will study basic parts of speech: verbs and nouns plus their modifiers, articles, various sets of pronouns (personal, possessive, demonstrative, direct and indirect object,) prepositions, question words, and more.

The course includes 15 hours of live, online instruction each semester. Students learn at least 5 verbs each week (for a working vocabulary of about 100 verbs by the end of the year!). Combined with other parts of speech, students master approximately 300 words by the end of the course and practice using these in short sentences.

Both Middle School Spanish classes have 3 homework assignments a week:

Día 1. Notas o flashcards
Students turn in their class notes and/or flashcards for the week
Día 2. Un quiz
Designed to test students on their knowledge of verbs, vocabulary, and key points for that week's topic, quizzes are often available to be taken several times for extra practice and a better grade
Día 3. Diario
Students put their knowledge into practice by responding to a prompt and writing sentences and later, paragraphs

Middle School Spanish students take in-person quizzes throughout the semester and a final written test at the end of each semester.

Taking Conversational Spanish - Cultura y Conversación as a supplement to this class is highly recommended for practice with pronunciation and conversation.

"Profa. Cruz - I just wanted to let you know that I always look forward to your class because it is so much fun. It is easy to focus in class because you are funny and I really like the story videos that you post."
 - Flynn F - Nebraska