Middle School Spanish 1

Grades 6-8

¡Bienvenidos a Middle School! Welcome to Middle School! The first year of Middle School Spanish is a fun introduction to the serious study of language and focuses on basic grammar, covering regular verb conjugation in present, past and future. Students will study basic parts of speech: verbs and nouns plus their modifiers, articles, various sets of pronouns (personal, possessive, and demonstrative,) prepositions, question words, and more.

Middle School Spanish 1 includes 22.5 hours of live instruction each semester.  Vocabulary and grammar are introduced and reviewed through colorful interactive slide presentations, dialogue with fellow students and the instructor, and practice worksheets. Students learn to introduce themselves and communicate basic information about their daily lives in simple and grammatically correct Spanish. The class introduces the grammatical and lexical elements that are necessary for effective communication in both written and spoken Spanish.

In addition to approximately 30 minutes of homework each week, the course includes oral and written quizzes and two exams per semester.

Taking Conversational Spanish - Cultura y Conversación as a supplement to this class is highly recommended for practice with pronunciation and conversation.

"I just wanted you to know that you are an absolutely WONDERFUL teacher!!!  I am very happy with how the class was structured and how easily the assignments were available.  You have such a great presence with this age group and I would highly recommend your class at any time.  CLRC was our first experience with online classes and yours ran so smoothly."
- Jacqueline B, California