Middle School Spanish - Introductory

Grades 6-8

Bienvenidos a Middle School! Welcome to Middle School! The introductory course is designed to expose Middle School students to the sounds and patterns of Spanish in a low-pressure environment. This class is recommended for Middle School students who are interested in beginning their language study without official grades or weekly homework assignments.

Introductory Middle School Spanish includes 22.5 hours of live instruction each semester. Vocabulary and patterns of grammar are presented and reviewed through colorful interactive slides. Students will listen, read, and repeat a variety of themed vocabulary and basic phrases. This practice of imitating will lead to building their own sentences, allowing them to begin communicating basic information about their daily lives.

Because this class is intended to be a fun introduction to Spanish study, there is no required homework or textbook. However, optional written assignments will be posted for students who are interested in further practice.