Middle School World Literature & Art

In Middle School World Literature & Art, we will be touring the world by reading novels focused on different areas and cultures from around the world.

Students will:

  1. Write a book synopsis and review at the end of each book
  2. Take quizzes on the chapters we read each week
  3. Respond artistically to the book of their choice in the Arts each week
  4. Present and explain their responses to the class
  5. Keep a visual journal
  6. Complete some mapping
  7. Post their work on a class private Padlet for others in the class to see
  8. Respond to other's projects

    Students will be encouraged:

    • To experiment with different art mediums. A different artistic material, style or technique will be presented each week to help build students' artistic foundations.

    Students will post their work on Padlet for others to see and may respond to other's projects.

    Students will meet online once a week to present their reviews and their projects.

    Parents are responsible for obtaining the books for this course.

    Parents are also responsible for determining the appropriateness of the books for their child(ren). If most work for your student, we can agree on an alternative on a given week.

    This is a year-long course.