Fall 2020 Registration for this Course Opens on February 27.

    Minimus Minibook Marathon

    Ready, set, go! Time for a fun, fast-paced Latin Storytime. In this summer class, we'll read all 30 (!!) Minimus Minibooks, written by Barbara Bell, author of Minimus and Minimus Secundus.

    For those who are new to Minimus, this is the wonderful program we use in our Elementary Latin courses. Stories feature the mouse Minimus and his friends at Vindolanda, a Roman fort near Hadrian's Wall in Britain. Minimus texts and Minibooks are based on historical events and archaeological discoveries at Vindolanda.

    We’ll meet once a week for six weeks, 1 hour 15 minutes each meeting, and read 5 Minibooks per session.  I’ll start with reading the story out loud in Latin, then together we’ll sort through any grammar/vocab that is not clear, but keeping the pace focused and brisk. We’ll have a game-like approach to see how quickly we can sort through anything that is not clear. Then we’ll always return to the Latin, aiming to understand in Latin.

    After our 1 hour 15 minutes of class, students will have the option of staying after for 15 minutes to talk with each other. We’ll also have an optional Snail Mail Pen-Pal Club. Students who want to participate would write to each other in English and/or Latin and would be welcome to share their own Latin stories.

    This course is geared towards students who have completed Elementary Latin 2. However, students who have completed Elementary Latin 1 are also most welcome and would benefit by listening to the Latin, reviewing grammar and vocab, and being introduced to some new grammar/vocab. Even students who are new to Latin are welcome—to listen to Latin, enjoy stories, and naturally soak up Latin grammar and vocabulary.

    Purpose of class? Have fun reading Latin stories together!!

    No homework! No books or materials needed!

    Class Schedule:

    Thursdays, 9:30 -10:45 (+ optional 15 minutes after class for students to talk with each other)

    May 25 – June 29