Monart and Markers

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In this two-part, two-semester course we will be diving into the Monart method and learning to draw!

The Monart Method involves training students to perceive an “alphabet” of sorts focused on five basic elements of shape families that combine to form all objects. By learning to view the world through these five elements and how to transcribe the information to paper,  everyone,  so-called “drawers” and “non-drawers” can learn to become artists in their own right and develop their own unique style of realistic interpretation.

This widely acclaimed method gives children structured information to improve visual perception and realistic drawing skills.

“We don’t expect children to play the piano, study dance, or learn a sport without showing them the basic components of these subjects. Why do we expect them to understand the complexities of drawing on their own?”

And, regarding the Monart method, Brookes says:

“Everyone loves to draw if they are given a nonthreatening environment with enough structure for success and enough freedom for creativity. That is what Monart provides. The particular sequence of lessons in this book builds a safe environment as it teaches students to use an alphabet of shape to analyze and break down what they see. Development of perceptual and analytical skills increases critical thinking and problem solving. Easy and quick artistic success also builds self-esteem, and this confidence is transferable to other educational areas.”

“The method emphasizes step-by-step guidance for drawing in a learning environment that is non-competitive and non-judgmental, where when pencil meets paper there is no right or wrong.” — Don Oldenburg, Writer, The Washington Post

Giving children the tools to draw accurately actually gives children the confidence and skills  to portray what they see and to share their creative ideas with the world.

Monart Section A: for Ages 6 – 8 (12 weeks)

We’ll begin by exploring:

  • Encouraging us to draw through new attitudes and abilities
  • How to prepare your work-space
  • Starting level exercises
  • Introducing the five basic line elements of the contour shape family
  • Level 1: Learning the basics & warm up exercises
  • Level 2: Drawing with Graphics (Leo the lion, tropical birds, carousel horse, etc.)
  • Level 3: Drawing from Still Life (also setting up Still Life)
  • Level 4: Volume Drawing (Positive & Negative Space)
  • Level 5: Widening our Drawing Horizons (media tips, design concepts, people, faces, environments).

Monart Section B: for Ages 8 – 12, or Continuing Students from Monart Section A (12 weeks)

In this Section we’re continuing our exploration of drawing with the elements of shape: the Dot, Circle, Curved, Straight, and Angular line families.  With all new drawing subjects, we’ll explore 5 drawing styles and even learn how to develop our own style. We’ll also be weaving in the elements of design: Line, Shape, Color, Value, Form, Texture, and Space.

The drawing styles we’ll be discovering in this course:

  1. Abstract
  2. Symbolic
  3. Flat
  4. Realistic
  5. Integrated
  6. Your own Style

By the end of the Monart course, the goal is for students to have become more confident in their drawing abilities and prepared for further art courses, such as Beginning Drawing.  Once children have mastered the Monart concepts of drawing they will be confident to tackle more complex concept like perspective, shading, and life drawing!

“Both of my sons have thoroughly enjoyed Mrs. Jennings’ drawing classes. Her patient and reassuring style encourages even the most reluctant artist. She brings her vast knowledge of art, her skill as an artist, and her experience as a homeschool mom into her teaching. We love Mrs. Jennings!”
-Christina T., California

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Section A

(Please note Section age level information)
Prerequisites: None
Instructor:  Christine Jennings, B.A.
Age Level: 6 – 8 years
Minimum Enrollment: 3
Maximum Enrollment: 20
Tuition per Semester:  $200

 Class Meets:
Tuesdays, 10:00 – 11:00 AM Pacific  
Class Dates for Spring ’21: January 12 – April 6 (class will not meet during CLRC Spring Break week, March 29 – April 2)

Section B

(Please note Section age level information)
Prerequisites: None
Instructor:  Christine Jennings, B.A.
Age Level: 8 years and older, or continuing student from Fall term)
Minimum Enrollment: 3
Maximum Enrollment: 20
Tuition per Semester:  $200

Class Meets:
Tuesdays, 1:00 – 2:00 PM Pacific 
Class Dates for Spring ’21: January 12 – April 6 (class will not meet during CLRC Spring Break week, March 29 – April 2)

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Christine Jennings, B.A.

Christine Jennings was homeschooled by her mother and began taking interest in drawing and art through Charlotte Mason-inspired nature journaling. In high school she continued her education through an independent study program with the local high school, where she attended her first course in fine art.  In college she continued her education as an art major, received a 4.0, and joined  the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. She received several first-place awards for life drawings and fine art, and her art was published in the college arts journal.

She has a variety of skills and experience in painting public murals, mounting canvas icons in churches, training in the art of iconography, and commissioned art works such as portrait work. She has also exhibited her art in local Fresno Art Galleries.

Christine developed a classical curriculum to teach students the elements and principles of art and design through drawing and painting. Uniquely, she teaches her students how to make their own materials such as artists vine charcoal, and ancient gall ink.

Christine enjoys living with her family in the beautiful Sierra foothills of Fresno county, CA. Her husband Matthew is a carpenter, and small business owner. He is currently an apprentice training to become an electrician. They have five lively children whom Christine homeschools through a local charter school. Christine loves to make time for following her many other interests. If she’s not cooking a big meal, she can be found exploring the creeks and hills, gardening, making ink, singing, researching ecology, foraging for mushrooms, and general shenanigans, all with her children in tow!

Textbooks and Materials

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Required Materials:

  • 9″ x 12″ sketchbook

  • Colorful markers, both narrow-tipped and broad-tipped

  • black Sharpie or black pen

Drawing with Children

(Very helpful, but NOT REQUIRED)


Recommended but NOT REQUIRED for Monart Section B:

Drawing for Older Children and Teens