Musicals & Art

In the Musicals/Art Course, we will be watching a different (mostly) Broadway Musical every week.

Students will be coached:
1. To write a movie synopsis
2. To write a review of the movie
3. To respond artistically to the movie in their choice of the Arts...
4. To present and explain their responses.

(This could be something like a visual art project, playing one of the musical pieces, learning on of the dances, singing one of the songs etc..)

Students will post their work on Padlet for others to see and may respond to other's projects.

Students will meet online once a week to present their reviews and their projects.

Parents are responsible for obtaining the movies for this course. (Either streaming, dvd or from a local library.)

Parents are also responsible for determining the appropriateness of the movie for their child/ren. (If most work for your student, we can agree on an alternative on a given week.)

This is a year long course, but the semesters are not dependent upon each other - although students are encouraged to take the course for the entire year.