New Testament Greek

Not Eligible for Charter School Funds
Grades 9+

Christian Studies


Come and discover the joy and insight to be gained from reading the New Testament in the original Greek!

This class is open to high school students and adults and is designed for students currently enrolled in CLRC Greek 3, 4, 5, or 6, students at least 2/3 of the way through CLRC’s self-paced College Level Greek (Chapter 20), or students with a comparable background in Classical or New Testament Greek with permission of the instructor.

The course meets for 45 minutes a week. If you are interested in this course but cannot attend at the listed time please “Contact Us” - we have some flexibility in the scheduling for this course and may be able to accommodate your needs.

In Fall 2023 students will translate the Gospel of Luke with the guidance and assistance of the instructor to point out and clarify difficult verb forms and grammatical constructions. Some grammar review will be provided during class. Additional resources will be provided for students who need more assistance and for students who would like to delve more deeply into Greek forms and grammar.

The course is not graded (though a final class grade can be provided upon request) and no homework or advance preparation is required.  The class syllabus will outline the passages to be read each class, so students can read ahead to prepare, but all are welcome to come and read at sight, or simply listen to others as they translate in order to learn from their fellow students and the aids provided by the instructor.

If you have a background in Biblical or Classical Greek come join us!  If you don’t – we would welcome you in our Greek 1 class or self-paced College Level Greek to begin learning Greek so you can join us soon.

If you are interested in tutoring for Biblical Greek please contact us.

Prerequisites: High School Greek 2 or the equivalent