One Year Adventure Novel & Art

This weekly writing/art course is for students who would like to write an adventure novel over the course of one school year using the ClearWater Press “One Year Adventure Novel” curriculum. 

Mrs. Gillispie is a registered instructor for the Institute of Excellence in Writing, but she is only teaching the “One Year Adventure Novel”  program in 2021 - 22. Students must be at least 12 years of age and have completed at least one Institute of Excellence in Writing course (or have teacher permission).  For this class, Mrs. G requires additional art projects along with the Adventure Novel program.

In class students have the opportunity to brain storm ideas with each other while giving feedback on each other’s novels. Students will be given a corresponding art project to help illustrate their novels or add depth to the lessons. Students will share their projects in class. When we get to writing the chapters of the novel, student chapters will be reviewed by two adults experienced in “Adventure Novel” editing. It is quite motivating and fun to join together to write and to create! By the end of this course, students complete a rough draft of their adventure novel.

Expectations for each lesson:
1. Writing Projects
2. Art Projects

This is a full school-year-long program.  Students must commit to the entire year from the outset. 

  • 2021 - 22 Term
    (Please Note: this is a full year course)


  • Prerequisites: Prior completion of at least one IEW course (see above), or permission of instructor
    Instructor: Amy Gillispie, B.S.
    Age Level:  12 years and up
    Minimum Enrollment: 3
    Maximum Enrollment: 6
    Tuition per Year (not per Semester!): $650;
    10% off | Ends May 31st
     Class Meets:
    Thursdays, 1:00 -2:00 PM Pacific
    Click Here to see the 2021-22 Class Schedule

This course will be offered in Fall, 2019. Details will be coming soon!!

Instructor: Amy Gillispie, B.S. email
Prerequisites: No previous experience is required for this course
Age Level: This course is for students 7 - 12 years of age


Amy Gillispie, B.S.

Amy Gillispie and her husband, Father Robert, began homeschooling their nine children in 1999.   Amy was graduated from The Ohio State University with a B.S.  in Architecture, did her Master’s work in Liturgical Architecture, played the organ for her church at twelve years old, danced in a ballet/jazz company, worked as a photographer/developer, directs musicals, is a COPE certified health coach, a registered IEW teacher and a licensed Simply Music Piano Instructor.  She wrote her own architecture curriculum and began teaching architecture courses to students from around the world when she created her business, Building Brilliant Minds, in 2009.  “Architecture” and “Music/Piano” continue to hold her heart because the possibilities are intertwined and infinite.    Mrs. G’s Architecture and Piano courses may be taken online during the arranged Zoom classes or privately.   For more information,  email Mrs. G.  at , or visit her website at .

Curriculum and Materials:

Students will need to purchase the "One Year Adventure Novel" materials from ClearWater Press.  Contact Mrs. Gillispie to order.

Students will also need to purchase materials for art projects. (Cost of materials is not covered by tuition.)