Orthodox Children's Catechism

Our Faith is so rich!  And it is a living Faith!  All the teachings of the Church are meant to bring us into a living relationship with God, the Holy Trinity.  They are not just concepts for our brain, but living realities to be lived and breathed.  But sometimes, as I become “used to” Church life, I begin to take things for granted, just going through the motions.   In this course, we will be digging down a little deeper to discover the “diamonds” we may not have seen before.
We will be looking to find the meaning behind the teachings and practices of our faith in a way that shows how Orthodoxy is primarily a means of the healing of our soul and body through the mystery of salvation in Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the “Good Samaritan” who loves us even in our brokenness and sin, who pours on the oil and wine of His righteousness, and takes us to the “Inn,” the holy Church, where we find all the means of divine grace through the Holy Tradition that has been passed down to us.  You parents have already begun this process with your children.  I hope to augment and cement your efforts to some degree.
This unique Orthodox Children’s Catechism course is based on a first-of-its-kind catechism for young people, The Good Samaritan: A Children’s Catechism, from Rev. Fr. Michael Shanbour.  The course will introduce students to the unchanging truths of the Orthodox Christian Faith in an accessible, engaging and interesting way, utilizing examples, analogies, and humor.  Father Michael asks a lot of questions and encourages interaction believing that this is the best way for children to learn and understand. The course includes several fun projects as ‘homework’ - including a ‘map’ to the kingdom of God and an interview with your parish priest.

  • "My daughter just loved your class, and you as a teacher. If you are offering any other classes we would be interested!"

    -- Bodie P., California

  • "I highly recommend Fr. Michael Shanbour's children's catechism! Our 3 children looked forward to the class each week and my husband and I loved listening in. Fr. Michael's book that he teaches from is wonderful and should be in every Orthodox family's library. Fr. Michael truly has a gift of teaching children in a way that sticks and he's really funny as well!"

    -- Heather W., Georgia

  • "Fr Michael has a wonderful gift with children. In teaching the children the Orthodox Faith with love and a little humor, he kept my children interested and involved. If we could only have more of these classes! My children ate it up!"

    -- Theophano, Washington

  • "Two of my sons took Father Michael’s Catechism class last year. It was a true blessing to our entire family. The boys looked forward to the instruction and group participation each week. After which they eagerly explained what they had learned. I saw the boys able to articulate a clear understanding of our faith. Highly Recommended!"

    -- Angel B., Hawaii

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  • Prerequisites: Some personal experience in the life of the Orthodox Church is preferable. 
    Instructor:  Rev. Fr. Michael Shanbour, M. Div.
    Age Level:  8 - 12 years
    Minimum Enrollment: 6

    Maximum Enrollment: 12
    Tuition per Semester:  $125

    Class Meets: 
    Mondays, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific
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Rev. Father Michael Shanbour, M.Div.

The Rev. Fr. Michael Shanbour is a lifelong Orthodox Christian and pastor of Three Hierarchs Orthodox Mission in Wenatchee, Washington.  He received his M. Div. at St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in 1989.  He has been active in youth, camp, music, outreach/evangelism and Christian education ministries.  
He has been a priest for 20 years and has made teaching of children a priority.  Even before priesthood, as a teenager, he was involved in youth ministry at his local church, St. George Cathedral in Wichita, Kansas, playing guitar for sing-alongs.  He was a counselor and evening program director at the Antiochian Village from 1981-84 and was hired as Youth Director for St. Mary Church in Livonia, Michigan in 1995.  
Father Michael was ordained to the holy priesthood in 2001 and pastored mission parishes in Topeka, Kansas, and Spokane Washington before being assigned to Three Hierarchs. He is the author of Know the Faith: A Handbook for Orthodox Christians and Inquirers (Ancient Faith), as well as The Good Samaritan: A Children’s Catechism (Three Hierarchs Publishing). He is blessed to live in Wenatchee with his wife, Makrina, and son, Simeon.

The  Good Samaritan: A Children's Catechism

This book is offered at a 40% discount for those who register for Father Michael's class. Please contact Andrea Wallace (andreawallace@clrconline.com) to receive your discount code.

The course materials will take students from life in Paradise (Lesson 1), through the Fall of Adam (Lesson 2) and the reality of sin (Lesson 3), and into life and redemption through Jesus Christ (Lesson 4).  In The Church (Lesson 5) they will then encounter Holy Tradition (Lesson 6), the dynamic "river" that runs through the midst of the Church and provides the living water for thirsty souls.  The treasure of Holy Tradition then presents the Holy Mysteries of the Priesthood (Lesson 7), the Eucharist (Lesson 8), and Baptism (Lesson 9), along with Repentance and Confession (Lesson 10), all of which are essential for the health and salvation of our souls.  Finally, Prayer (Lesson 11), Fasting (Lesson 12) and Almsgiving (Lesson 13) are shown to be the indispensable means of union with God and as lifegiving manifestations of faith, hope, and love.