Russian Folklore & Fairytales

Explore the land of the Tsars, Baba Yaga, Dyed Moroz/Grandfather Frost, Snegurochka/The Snow Maiden, where animals talk, and good or evil magic prevail- all meant to teach lessons in life. Symbolism, traditions, customs, and holidays are conveyed in these tales, and beautiful Palekh and other folk artwork will be shared to enhance appreciation of these mystical fairytales.

Find out why one is not supposed to whistle in a house or give a broken or defective gift. Students will learn some Russian poslovvitsi/proverbs, and why one must not go to visit anyone “with naked arms”. Having some pagan roots, some superstitions carry on until today. And one must always enter a home completely before shaking hands, or remove their shoes and don tapochki/slippers when entering someone else’s home.

Creative video/movie links will be included. The class will include quizzes, writing, and a final presentation. This is full of fun folkloric facts and history, and entertaining for all.

Materials: To be determined