Saints and Literary Comparisons

Christian Studies

What is a Saint and what can we learn from their lives, trials, and examples? The Orthodox church honors Saints as friends of God and in learning about their life, we have examples of repentance, piety, and humility to help us in our everyday lives. The Saints of the Orthodox Church are our role models for today as they were all once ordinary people who chose to live their lives dedicated to God.

In this course, students move beyond understanding and recalling Saint's stories to analyzing, synthesizing, and creating written responses. We will read various poems and short stories and will compare these texts and characters to various Saint's lives. Students will annotate and write poetry, learn about poetic elements, analyze characters, reflect on points of view, and explain the connection to the Saint’s lives to various literature pieces to get a greater understanding of the Saints in our church.

Students should be able to read independently, understand basic story elements, know a little about their own patron Saint, and be able to participate in general discussions with classmates. Reading materials will be provided.

Some of the Saints we will study:
St. Catherine
St. Dionysios
St. Demetrios
St. Mary of Egypt
St. Paraskevi

Materials will be provided by the Instructor.