Shakespeare's Late Plays: The Winter's Tale

his course will introduce students to Shakespeare's brilliant late plays through "The Winter's Tale." A play which unites the opposites of joy and grief, comedy and tragedy, young and old, "The Winter's Tale" pushes the limits of genre and drama. Students will meet for 1.5 hours twice a week for four weeks, and will read this play slowly and deliciously. Plays are meant to be embodied, and students will participate in dramatized readings together and submit a final creative project on the play in which they portray one of the significant themes creatively (song, painting, puppet show, stop animation. . . the choice is theirs). Students will also write two short papers (1-2 pages). At the end, students will watch the Royal Shakespeare Company version of this play which is available to stream on Amazon.

This course may be taken for a half-semester high school credit. Students who wish to take the course for credit will write longer papers (two 2-3 pages papers rather than two 1-2 page papers).