Short Stories of Willa Cather

he short story is psychologically suggestive and poetically condensed. The reader is immediately brought into a nuanced view of its characters, the dilemmas, struggles, and encounters that create the vivid shape of their lives. In this class, we'll read a few short stories with the purpose of discovering what the genre offers in the hands of Willa Cather (1873-1947). Students will write four discussion posts in Canvas (100 to 200 words in length), for the purpose of focusing class attention on an issue or significant theme in a story; they will also respond in Canvas to two posts per story by other students. At the end of the course, students will submit a reflection piece (one to two pages) that explains and develops an interpretive perspective on a Cather story of their choosing.

This course may be taken for a half-semester high school credit. Students who wish to take the course for credit will watch several additional documentaries and write a longer (5-pages rather than 2-3 pages) final reflection piece.