Spanish at the CLRC


¡Bienvenidos a CLRC Spanish! Sabemos que aprender un idioma no es pan comido, pero prometemos que vale la pena. 

Welcome to CLRC Spanish! We know that learning a language is not a piece of cake, but we promise that it is worth it! 

Spanish is a natural choice when adding a modern language to a classical curriculum. About 75 percent of the vocabulary is derived from Latin and many of the grammatical structures will be familiar to students who know Latin.

The ability to read, write, and speak Spanish not only facilitates travel to many parts of the world but also expands job opportunities in an increasingly global economy.  Today, Spanish is the official language of 20 countries and the third most spoken language with more than 400 million speakers worldwide.

Spanish is not just a practical choice. After a few courses, you will be able to enjoy poetry and metaphors unique to the Spanish language.  For example, to convey that something is easy, you will know to say ‘eaten bread’ rather than ‘a piece of cake’! Besides being able to read beautiful poetry and novels in their original language, you will also have a window into the diverse cultures that make up the Spanish speaking world.

¡Empecemos! Let´s get started!

"Mrs. Kerrigan is fantastic!  She is extremely organized and has picked great curriculum.  She doesn’t just teach dialogue, but teaches  the patterns and the grammar behind the Spanish as well.  She also has lots of Spanish readings so the children practice reading in front of the class. She has perfect control of the classes and keeps things moving along well. My son is speaking Spanish around the house because of her.  She couldn’t be better." 
— Shelly C, California

"Thank you so much for teaching me Spanish last year. The course pushed me so much further and taught me so much more than any other class I could have taken and I wouldn’t have been as prepared for living in Spain and going to school here without it. (After a few months in Spain) I can understand my teachers almost completely. I can also have an informal conversation with anyone about anything. I’m really enjoying life here in Spain!" 
— Collin L

CLRC is pleased to offer Spanish for Elementary, Middle School, and High School students.

  • Elementary Spanish establishes a basic foundation for rigorous language studies in a relaxed environment using games, songs, and creative class activities.

  • Middle School Spanish allows students to complete the equivalent of High School Spanish 1 over the course of two years (Middle School Spanish 1 & 2). These classes introduce the vocabulary and grammar essential for effective speaking and writing, reinforced through creative and fun assignments to practice the concepts between classes.

After completion of Middle School Spanish 2, students take a short assessment test to determine High School placement. Most proceed directly to Honors High School Spanish I or High School Spanish 2, but some may be best served by reviewing concepts in High School Spanish I before moving on to the more advanced courses.

  • High School Spanish provides a solid foundation of grammar and vocabulary and emphasize reading and writing from the first year of the program. By the end of Spanish 1 and 2, students write full paragraphs in Spanish and read short excerpts from Spanish literature in class. Spanish 3 begins to prepare students for college level classes. In Spanish 4 and 5, students read complete novels in Spanish and write three-page analytical papers (in Spanish). Listening skills are supplemented with short videos and eventually full-length television episodes and Spanish language podcasts. Speaking skills are developed through in-class practice and oral presentations, while supplemental conversation classes help students work toward fluency and accuracy.

Middle School Spanish 1 & 2 (4 semesters)

Spanish 2

Spanish 3

Spanish 4/5

High School Spanish 1 (2 semesters)