Spring Courses 2023

Courses Available in...

Use the buttons above to sort spring classes by subject area and grade level. All courses are listed by start date and time on the Schedule Page. You can also search for and order classes from the Course Catalogue, but please note that only classes listed above are available for new students without prior permission from the instructor.

If you are interested in a full-year course that you have not been attending this fall--but which is not listed here--it still may be possible to enter the class mid-year. Some teachers are willing to accept a student who is sufficiently prepared to join their classrooms. Some require previous exposure to the concepts covered in the first semester. Others may recommend that new students read some or all of the first semester's material before joining the class.

Many MATH CLASSES are open to new students for the spring semester. Lists of topics covered in the fall semester are posted with the course descriptions. Students who have covered these fall topics elsewhere are welcome to enroll for the spring.

If you'd like to register for the Spring term of a full-year course not listed on this page, please Contact Us.