Why does my student need his/her own unique email?

Canvas, our Learning Management System, allows parents to enroll as Observers for their students.  Observer status provides parents with 24/7 access to all their student’s grades, assignments, and teacher comments. Parents who enroll as Observers will also be cc’d on all teacher communication with their student in Canvas. For the Observer system to work, we need a separate parent email to connect with each student email. This means that each student must have a unique email address that is different from the parent address.

Additionally, each student enrolled at the CLRC must have a unique email address associated with his or her account, separate from any other siblings/students enrolled. This keeps all registrations, course assignments, grades, etc. attached to the appropriate record and allows us to maintain the highest level of data integrity.

Suggestions for creating unique email address for younger students.
  • If your student does not have his or her own unique email address, it is easy to create one which you can monitor by setting an automatic forward to your own address. Some class notifications will be sent to the student email, but it is not an account that needs to be checked frequently and if you are also registered as a parent observer, all class notifications will be sent to you as well. Although we need the address to create your student’s account, it does not need to become a communication channel for your child.
  • You can create a student email for free using services such as Gmail or Yahoo.
  • Many parents create a dedicated email for CLRC use to keep all correspondence together. (Examples: firstlast.clrc@gmail.com or firstlast.clrc@yahoo.com)
  • If you need help with this process please contact our Registrar, Andrea Wallace. She has 9 children of her own and is very used to this - she will be glad to help!