FREE Summer Fractals Workshop

Grades 7-Adult

Join us for this free exciting glimpse into the fascinating world of Fractals led by Dr. Jon Fassett, the newest member of the CLRC Math Team. Dr. Fassett is offering this workshop free of charge to share his love of the intriguing world of fractals and inspire students and adults alike to see the beauty of mathematics.

In this brief introduction to fractals, students will learn what a fractal is and how to create beautiful fractal images using simple affine transformations.

All materials will be provided by the instructor and there is no cost to register. Come join us for a glimpse of the exciting topics to be covered in Dr. Fassett's Fall 2024 Course on Fractals.

Jon Fassett received his Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2001 from Oregon State University and has taught Mathematics at both the high school and university level for over 20 years. He is a dynamic educator and strives to create a highly interactive classroom where he inspires and instructs students of all learning styles. His enthusiasm for the joy and beauty of math is contagious!