Summer Latin 2.5

his summer, join us as we read classic myths from Ovid, Apuleius, and others, adapted into intermediate Latin for students having completed Latin II. Taken from Fabulae Syrae, we will read about Europa, Pygmalion, Latona, Apollo, and others. The instructor will walk the students through the readings each week, provide resources for vocabulary, review important grammar concepts, and introduce some of the upcoming grammar for Latin III, including the gerund and the present subjunctive.

Students are invited to write brief (humorous versions are welcome!) summaries of each story for additional feedback from the instructor.  If you’ve ever wondered why crows are black, where the continent Europe got its name, or where frogs come from, this class is for you! This is a lighthearted course with optional homework.

Note: The class includes 8 class sessions. Class will not meet on the 4th of July.