• “Thank you for loving my boys and getting them through High School. I couldn’t have done it without CLRC!” — Kassiane M., Alabama

    “My daughter took CLRC classes for several years and is now enrolled in a local school. I must say, I miss the quality of the classes she took with the CLRC. My daughter is worlds ahead of her classmates thanks to her CLRC classes! ” Laura M., Mississippi

    “Thank you for your work in choosing such incredible instructors, offering such high caliber courses, and creating an academic culture of communication, respect, and trust which elevates us all.” —  Tonya L., Louisiana

    “My daughter has enjoyed her classes with you so much! Thank you so much for all you have taught her and for providing such a wonderful program for homeschoolers!” —Elizabeth K., New Hampshire
  • “Thank you so much for everything. CLRC has been a truly great experience for us.”   – Cristina D, New Hampshire

    “Thank you for your good work in building a great place for my students to call school.   I am totally a fan of homeschooling, but there is no realistic way our kids could have gotten their education without a huge assist from CLRC.” ~ Lisa Ann D., Virginia

  • “Thank you for your wonderful classes.   We are forever grateful for the experience which has undoubtedly shaped our daughter into the incredible young lady she has become.” – Shawnda M., California

    The personal touch, patience and nurturing CLRC provides is priceless.”Heather P.,   Illinois  

  • Thank you for the detailed grade report; it’s a fabulous addition to my son’s high school transcript. I’m thrilled to see his homework score improved, and I’m glad to hear his essay writing is a strength. Your class has definitely prepared him for college classes.Liz G., Florida

    “Thanks for your excellent instruction.   The CLRC has been a HUGE blessing to us.  The quality of instruction has really been phenomenal, and CLRC courses have consistently been my daughter’s favorites.  I so appreciate you and your group of capable, caring instructors.  Our CLRC courses have been money VERY well spent. Thank you!” — Marla P., Kansas

    “Enrolling in courses with CLRC has been one of the best decisions we made this year. Thank you for offering challenging courses with excellent instructors.”
       – Stephanie J, Washington

  • “Thanks so much for an excellent year in CLRC classes! My daughter thrived in her classes this year. I can’t say enough good things about her experience.” – Paige C., California
    “We are forever grateful to you and CLRC for our daughter’s wonderful school experience this past year.”  –  Lisa F., Pennsylvania
    “Thank you so, so much for the CLRC. As my oldest daughter approaches the end of high school, I can really see and appreciate the incredibly positive impact it has had on our homeschooling.” — Tiffany L, California
  • “People often ask us about these classes and they are so impressed with what the boys and I have to say. Great job CLRC!!”   – Jeanette G, California

    “Your focus on individuals and the love of learning is fantastic. We are lucky to have found you and the CLRC.”   – Kim F, Alaska

    “The kind of service you offer to homeschooled students is unparalleled, and I will certainly be recommending it.”   – Marcy C, California

    “What a service you are providing to the homeschool community!”  – Eleni K., Pennsylvania

  • “As a homeschooling teacher with a California teaching credential and over 40 years of teaching experience, I can’t give enough plaudits to Anne Van Fossen and her remarkable ability to teach.” –Barbara S.

    “I just got my national Latin exam results back and I got a perfect score!!! I am so happy. I love Latin. Thanks so much for teaching me!!!!!” – Rose G., Illinois

    I can’t tell you what a blessing CLRC has been to our family.”  – Kristi K., Tennessee

    “CLRC is the single best decision I made this school year.” – Leila B., Virginia
  • “Mrs. V’s Greek class is … AWESOME!!! I would highly recommend her and her class over any language courses that I have recently taken.” – Blake N.

    I can’t tell you what a blessing CLRC has been to our family.” – Kristi K., Tennessee

    “Latin is my children’s favorite class. I am amazed at how much they have learned this year. It has been so much more than just learning another language and the best part is they’ve really had fun!” – Brandi M.

    My daughter is breezing through her university language courses because of her rigorous training at CLRC. I appreciate all you have done for our family.  I could not have had a better option for these past few years.”
    –Tina T., Ontario
  • “As a student, I have been truly impacted by the way CLRC teachers love learning and seek to inspire their students to love learning as well. While many teachers focus on simply imparting information to their students, my CLRC teachers have inspired me to love and dig deeper into the information I have been given. I will always be grateful for how they shaped my perspective on learning.”
    — Lauren T., California
    “Just wanted to let you know that as we get close to the end of our first year with CLRC, we really love your program.  My girls enjoy the classes and like the teachers.  My older daughter takes some classes with another provider and the teaching does not hold a candle to CLRC. You are doing such a good job.” —  Suzanne F., California
  • “I probably would’ve quit homeschooling if it weren’t for CLRC. The classes are so advanced and interesting that it would be a step backwards to go to a traditional school!”
    — Shelly C., California

    I am so grateful to you and the CLRC for having these classes. They truly make homeschooling not only a possibility, but a pleasure.” –Sharalyn G., California

  • “Studying Greek through CLRC has been an amazing experience! Despite successfully completing three demanding years in Biola’s Torrey Academy, I found myself challenged by the rigors of the CLRC Greek course, while simultaneously energized and sharpened.”  – Jordan Joanna

    “Although I have confidently homeschooled my children from Kindergarten through high school in all subject areas, I am incredibly grateful to have chosen CLRC for Latin. Observing my daughter’s class time and course material, I am certain I could not have achieved the high level of instruction she experienced through CLRC on my own.”  – Barbara S.

    “With children of their own and years of experience at St. John of Damascus Academy in Santa Barbara, John and Anne Van Fossen know what it takes to tailor a classical education to a child’s interests and needs. I cannot imagine two people better suited to fan the flame of learning in young people finding their way in the wilderness of this world.” – David V. Hicks, Chief Academic Officer for Meritas LLC; headmaster for 27 years; translator of The Emperor’s Handbook  and author of Norms & Nobility, winner of the ALA’s Outstanding Book Award.

  • “I have worked with Subdeacon John and Anne Van Fossen for the past eight years. Their commitment to Christian education is extraordinary and the programs they have developed are among the best that I have ever seen.” –

    Metropolitan JOSEPH, Antiochian Orthodox Archdiociese

    “I am so appreciative of the classes you offer.  I wish I had started my daughter even earlier!”
    –Jacqueline N., California

    “My daughter is thriving in college and keeping a 4.0 average. I attribute much of this to you and CLRC!” – Jennifer C., TN

  • “Since I began studying Latin just a few months back, I am amazed to find myself encountering new words daily which I can now correctly decipher because I have learned their Latin roots. Working on Latin derivatives has definitely expanded my vocabulary beyond what I could have imagined in the seventh grade.”  – Ellena S.

    “I met John and Anne Van Fossen years ago through a summer conferences of educators, and since that time they have become a great encouragement and support to me in my own efforts to build an Orthodox school. They are truly teachers at heart having taught and created curricular materials for a variety of subject areas and age groups. Within the world of classical and liberal arts Christian schools the Van Fossens are well known, being participants in many seminars and colloquia related to issues of importance to private schools. They have vision, creativity, intellect, and hearts clearly devoted to the Church.” –Bryan Smith, Headmaster of St. Peter’s Classical School, Director of the Orthodox Christian School Association

    “Also, since it’s our first year with CLRC I wanted to give you an update. My daughter absolutely loves the classes, and her teachers. As parents, we’ve found all the teachers to be very accessible, prompt in replying, and willing to go the extra mile to help out. Thank you for running a tight ship! “–Bodie
  • “I just saw an email from CLRC this morning in my inbox and was met with a wave of excellent memories about my daughter’s homeschooling experience. I wanted to send you a quick update, wish you good luck with the upcoming year, and say thank you!  My daughter took Latin and Literature classes with the CLRC and her teachers have had a lasting impact on her success as a student.   I often meet homeschooling parents who ask if I have any recommendations for them, and I always, always suggest they check out the Classical Learning Resource Center.”
    –Sandra W., New York

    “I just received word back from U. Chicago, and I got accepted into the introductory Greek program! Moreover, they included a scholarship that covers nearly the entire tuition! I’m super happy and excited for this!! Thank you so much for your help, for your letter, and for being such a supportive teacher! It is actually through you and your teaching and your classes that I became really interested in the Classics in the first place.” — Nathanael C., Armenia

  • “Both CLRC classes my son has taken have far exceeded my expectations. He has also taken two online classes through our local public virtual school and they don’t even compare to the CLRC classes. The fact that the classes meet “in-person” makes all the difference. My son learns so much better from a teacher-directed discussion than from trying to decipher difficult content on his own.”
    –Liz G., Florida

    “My son has truly loved all his classes and my husband and I have been so impressed with the high calibre.  We feel so blessed to have found CLRC! My son is thriving and loving the high expectations of each class.”
    – Nina N., Massachusetts

    “The boys love their classes. I’m so pleased Timothy has learned the beginning of the Odyssey in Ancient Greek! Justin is thriving in his physical science & Latin classes. CLRC is truly a gift & treasure!” – Marsha H., California

    Thank you so much for teaching my daughter Latin. She really enjoyed your class. This journey has truly been a blessing not only for her, but for us as parents as well. Thank you! — Enoch P, Florida

    “My son is mourning the end of his CLRC career as he approaches college. Early on he had suggested going back to public school. I don’t think I could pay him enough to do that now!” — Tina T., Ontario

    “Thank you for the amazing service that you offer to our families.”   – Usi B., California

  • “My daughter has absolutely loved her classes at CLRC.  We are so impressed with the program and the teachers.”  — Jen B., California

    “By the way, my son just wrote the SAT. He scored 98th percentile overall. I’m so thankful for the thinking skills he has developed with CLRC! Thank your for an amazing few years!” –Tina T., Ontario

    “I  wanted to reach out and thank you for the extraordinary courses you offer that my daughter has been able to utilize for homeschooling. We began homeschooling 5 years ago when she was still quite young.   What began as an “experiment” quickly turned into our preferred/only option.  A large part of that success is not only due to you and your school’s offerings, but the teaching style and approach of the instructors towards students. It just made learning so much fun for her. My daughter has been accepted into college at Texas A&M University’s Engineering Academy starting this fall!  As she embarks on this next phase of her educational journey, we are so grateful that the teachings she has received through CLRC will carry her forward.”
    –Jessica S., Texas

    “Learning a new language can be extremely frustrating; what I appreciate about the classes at CLRC is that my children are not frustrated as they learn. Anne is sensitive to their learning styles; as she introduces new concepts, she spends the needed time with them. Things move at a nice pace, but when there is that bump-in-the-road she is sensitive to slow down for her students.” –Cheryl G.