The King's Creampuffs

Preformed August 6th 2022

Age: Late Elementary-Middle School

Cast Size: 9 people maximum

Have you ever wondered what would happen when creampuffs, blackmail, and bats all appeared simultaneously in a fun, engaging production for children? Well, wonder no more, because this summer the Unconventional Shakespeare Co. brings you “The King’s Creampuffs”, a short and sweet play written in the 1950s for schoolchildren.  The King of Delicatessia loves creampuffs more than anything else in the universe, but one day the Witch of All Witches steals his recipe book! It’s up to the daring Princess to get it back, but only under the condition that she be allowed to marry the Page.  Along the way, creampuffs are taken apart crumb and crumb, and romantic novels lead to the mental breakdown of all who hear them.

In this production, geared to younger actors, we’ll be rehearing the play for three consecutive mornings before putting on a low-stress performance for family and friends. The first morning is for a slideshow introducing the plot, characters, and themes of the play, along with discussion of them. The next two are to rehearse Act 1, and  Acts 2 and 3 of the play.  Costumes are encouraged and by no means have to be complex or fancy.  Line memorisation is not required, and the PDF of the script is provided. Casting and other communications are done by email.