Therapeutic Art Camp

Every Thursday for 10 weeks, Mrs. G. will meet on Zoom to share a Therapeutic Art Project*. She will post the recording of the lesson just in case someone is on vacation etc. Students will have a week to work on their projects and post them to the class pallet. Each week, they will be given the opportunity to share their reflections on the project. Students will also be encouraged to leave messages for each other on the classroom site.

This course is for individual students and their families. (Parents are encouraged to participate) - If adults would like an "adult only" camp, please contact Mrs. G. (That sounds like fun too:).

*Therapeutic Art Projects are intended to help students slow down and be mindful of their thoughts, feelings, and bodies. Learning these techniques will give them tools to help them if they are stressed or anxious throughout the school year. This is not "art therapy," as Mrs. G. is not a therapist and will not analyze student artwork. Students will be encouraged to reflect on their work and to interpret the results as they wish.