U.S. Government - Foundations

his course in U. S. Government begins by exploring the roots of political orders in the Greek, Roman, and British traditions.  From this we proceed to a study of American founding documents, Supreme Court cases, as well as later legislation and presidential doctrines that have shaped our political system through its growth across the continent and its growing influence around the world. The course begins with Plato’s reflections on justice and concludes with foundational Supreme Court cases. 

Readings will include selections from Plato’s Republic and Aristotle’s Politics, documents from British history, and American founding documents.  Our two texts are: Plato’s Republic and A Documentary History of the United States by Hefner and Hefner.

Many states require only 1 semester of Economics and 1 semester of U.S. Government for high school. Economic (Principles or Practices) pairs well with this class for a full year of Economics and Government.

"Thank you for having a class with in-depth discussions. I have few questions in your class (a rarity for me) since I find that your explanations of the topics are thorough. I also enjoy the high level of participation you provide. It helps keep me engaged as a student."
- Max V., Maryland