US Government

This course is a survey of thought about human government from Plato’s Republic to the American political order. We will begin with the questions raised by Plato about justice and the varieties of political orders and will continue with Aristotle’s catalogue of political regimes and the question of whether there is a best regime. We will study certain “constitutional” documents from the late Middle Ages. Finally, we will study American founding documents, some of the Federalist Papers, and a few Supreme Court cases. Because of the focus on the American political order, this course will qualify for credit as high school American Government.


Prerequisites: None
Instructor:  Bryan Smith, M. Politics
Grade Level:  9th – 12th
Minimum Enrollment: 5

Maximum Enrollment: 15
Tuition per Semester: $380

Class Meets: Fridays, 7:30 - 9:00 AM Pacific
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Bryan Smith, M. Politics

Bryan Smith 
has been involved in classical schools for over twenty-five years. During his career he has taught history, government, Greek, and art.  He has also served in several key administrative roles — curriculum director, head of school, and vice president of academies. He was the founding headmaster of St. Peter’s Classical School in Fort Worth, Texas. He holds a Master of Politics from the University of Dallas.


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