World Literature

Literature allows us to glimpse how complex social interactions unfold in people’s lives. We see characters caught between traditions and emerging realities. Nowhere is this complex interaction more evident than in the literature of societies in crisis. Although themes in this literature often arise out of violent encounters or heart-wrenching experiences, the purpose of the course will be to examine the capacity of the individual and community to support human dignity in difficult times.

This course seeks to understand the ways in which characters in a fiction negotiate the challenging events that shape their futures, allowing us to explore the deep and abiding sources of hope in the individual and community. We’ll delve into novels that focus on life in Algeria, Nigeria, Poland, Ukraine/Soviet Union, and Palestine.
Students will write a short reflective essay on each reading. The reflective essays explore such issues as setting, theme, and character (2-3 pages). Students will also write two interpretive essays, each developed from one of their reflective essays. Interpretive essays present and defend a thesis based on close textual analysis (5-6 pages).

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